Tree of Life - Diary of a Tapestry

The Tree of Life is a 3metre x 5.5metre tapestry designed by tapestry weaver Cresside Collette for the RMIT Spiritual Centre. It incorporates leaf elements from staff and students of RMIT and is being woven by a team consisting of three professional weavers and a number of volunteers. This blog records the progress of the weaving.

Friday, September 08, 2006

"In the midst...was there the tree of life,...and the leaves of the tree were fofr the healing of the nations."
Revelations 22.2

The 'Tree of Life" is a large tapestry which is being woven for the RMIT Soiritual Centre. The aims of the project are:

1. To create a unique work of art that will be the visual focus of the RMIT University Spiritual Centre

2. To involve the students and staf of RMIT in a major design projectthat reflects the skills and talents of the School of Art, Design and Communication.

3. To foster and develop a sense of shared community within the Institution.

4. To enlarge the skills base in the art of Tapestry Weaving for a large number of Studion Textiles students by providing a professional forum in which they can gain industry experience in the weaving of of a sizeable commissioned tapestry.

The tapestry was designed by professional tapestry weaver, Cresside Collette, and is being woven under the supervision of Sue Carstairs. Two other professional weavers are working on the project - Miranda Legge and Julie Jones - as well as a number of volunteers and students. Work commenced on the tapestry a couple of months ago but it has taken me this long to figure out how to 'blog'. In the next few posts I'll tell you more about the tapestry, the design process, the people involved and how its going as well as a few pictures


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