Tree of Life - Diary of a Tapestry

The Tree of Life is a 3metre x 5.5metre tapestry designed by tapestry weaver Cresside Collette for the RMIT Spiritual Centre. It incorporates leaf elements from staff and students of RMIT and is being woven by a team consisting of three professional weavers and a number of volunteers. This blog records the progress of the weaving.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Well its that time of year again and even tapestry weavers get to have a break over Christmas. As you can see we are about three quarters of the way there and into the canopy of the tree. Some of the colour combinations in this last area have come up really well - such as the pale apricot/grey-blue/white and there will be some more interesting combinations in the next section. Last Tuesday we all (or most of us) had a celebration lunch which may have been one of the few occasions when so many of the weavers and volunteers had been together in one place at one time - and very pleasant it was too as you can see from the pictures.
Oh and a piece of news - insted of being on the floor in the RMIT Spiritual Centre, the tapestry will now be taking pride of place on the wall. (From my point of view as an ex textile conservator this is a much better option and much safer for the tapestry)
Have a great Festive season everyone and we'll be back early in the New Year with further instalments.


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